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With each new year and new generation coming into the workforce, it’s no wonder workplace trends are constantly changing to fit the new mold of candidates and employees. With the new year fastly approaching, it’s important to understand these new trends and how you can work with them to create a work environment people will want to be a part of. Let’s take a quick look at some of the workplace trends for 2019.

Talent from New Generations
When it comes to recruiting new hires, companies are starting to look at Generation Z for their top candidates. Because this generation has grown up entirely in the digital age, they are the most technologically savvy of every generation before them. Many companies looking to hire candidates from this generation will have to relook at their business models and hiring process as there are certain perks and requirements these candidates will require and look for in a potential career. Companies will need to find new ways to retain these talented technologically advanced candidates.

Longer Lifespans and Shorter Work Cycles
Due to the increase in healthcare around the globe, people are living much longer than they have in the past. Many people are going to celebrate their 100th birthday because of the advances within the healthcare industry. With a longer lifespan also comes a longer work span. Companies will need to rethink retirement ages of their employees as well as promotions and moving them around to different departments.

This idea moves into the trend of shorter work cycles. Long gone are the days where you would have an employee who’s been around for 20 plus years. Turnover rates are increasing every year as young employees are finding themselves jumping from one job to the next. Companies must learn to adapt to this new model and figure out ways to cut turnover costs or retain their employees.

Company Outreach and Values
A significant aspect of candidates choosing companies to work for is their initiatives. Young people in the millennial generation are looking for a place to work that aligns with their values and what they deem most important. A great way to incorporate this into your workplace initiatives is by creating outreach teams, volunteering, and giving back to the community.

Staying on top of the latest workplace trends will help to streamline recruitment in order to higher the best candidates for you company. Trends are there for companies to understand what candidates are looking for in their place of work where they can be successful.