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In the current digital age, it is important for recruiters to keep their tactics up to date in order to gain top recruits. In the last 10 years or so, social media platforms have taken a hold of the way companies post jobs, potential hires apply to jobs and job searches in general. In order to continue with the shaping trends, recruiters and companies must start leaning more towards social media outreach.

Knowing Your Audience
One of the main reasons to recruit through social media is the specific audience. Take LinkedIn for example, this particular site has a lot of great capabilities in looking for the right candidates. Since LinkedIn has been branded as the “World’s Largest Professional Network,” this is a number one go-to site for any recruiter. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the three main social sites recruiters utilize in posting open positions and looking for potential candidates.

Getting Information Out
Posting your job descriptions for open positions is not enough these days with the way each social media site filters information through each user’s feed. One great way to make sure your information is seen is to have not only the recruiting company post the link and description but to also have each of your individual recruiters post, like and share a well. This will generate more views and hits on the actual link.

First and Last Impressions
When you are connecting and reaching out to potential hires through social media, the first impression is key. The more modern recruits looking for careers through online properties are going to see a complete branded recruitment package as the first impression and a good one at that. It is important to make sure this continues through the entire interview and hiring process. Enabling an accessibility of the recruiting approach and moving it all the way through until the end.

Using social media to recruit can be an easier way to gain the best candidates for the positions you are hiring for. Just about every site has a way to conduct a specific search, in order to break down qualified recruits by skills, interest, university attended, location and many more. Staying in the ever-changing digital world can help bring your company more interest and attention it so deserves.