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Every day, millions of people in the world are searching and applying for jobs. With the supposed ease of online applications, social job sites, and skype interviewing, there doesn’t seem like there would be much discern with the hiring process. This is unfortunately far from the truth and something that hinders many people from making it through the entire recruiting process.

The fact is, most companies can make this process difficult for the candidates involved, with a complicated or confusing application process, lack of communication and all together disorganization. The complaints and problems can cause candidates to either become frustrated, pull their candidacy or speak negatively about the company.

Hard to Navigate Career Sites
When it comes to career sites, it can be very difficult to find the specific information you’re looking for. This, in turn, can make the application process unclear and lengthy. Most people who apply to positions online through career sites can become tired of how long the application is and how confusing and the extensive time it takes to complete. This causes a lower completion and submission rate. Even some of the candidates who do submit their completed application, never hear back from the employer.

Lack of Communication
The number one complaint from candidates is the lack of communication from the employer after the application has been submitted. This has been referred to by job applicants as the “Black Hole”. Communication and transparency is an issue that not only starts at the beginning of the hiring process but continues through to their absence of updates and email regarding next steps

Disorganization and Outdated Techniques
Disorganization goes hand in hand with miscommunication. Job descriptions that seem broad and vague with no clear vision of the available position are a sure sign of disorganization. Candidates are tired of the typical questions asked at each interview that aren’t specific to the job at hand. It shows a real disconnect from the position and lack of care and preparation. This also includes the lengthy recruitment process that continues to drive candidates away.

Recruiters and companies who are looking to hire employees should heed the advice of previous candidates. Listening to the complaints and concerns of applicants who have been a victim of these mishaps can help improve the quality for the future of recruiting and hiring. This can establish best practices for recruitment and ensure candidates are being respected.