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Creating more time is one of the most sought-after initiatives of any human being. Technological advances have produced an extensive amount of time-saving options when it comes to productivity tools for recruiters. Finding the best ones to utilize are based on each person’s productivity level and tasks at hand.

There are a few different types that can assist based on your particular recruiting needs. Each tool is designed for a specific use. Whether it be recruitment software, time management tools, social media management tools or project management tools, they can assist in gaining top candidates and help utilize your time wisely. Each tool is designed to improve search results,  make the process more personal and multiply your time.

Time management tools are very important when dealing with a large number of potential candidates. A great way to measure how much time is being spent on projects during the day is to use a time tracker. This can help plan days and weeks out in the future in order to see how much time you need to put forth on different tasks. Some of these tools include RescueTime and TomatoTimer.

Recruitment software and insight tools can cut time in half by the ease of each program. An essential part of the recruitment process is publishing the job and description across all online employment sites. This can be a very tedious and time-consuming task for any recruiter. BetterTeam is a site that allows anyone to upload a job post and share across multiple recruitment and job search sites in one shot, allowing more time to be spent on other important assignments.

Task and email management tools are other supportive software to create more time and make sure work and outreach are being completed and followed up on. Boomerang is an email extension that works with you in scheduling emails, reminders for follow-ups, and basic email creation. Another great email tool is Crystal. This software is design to help formulate the best emails based on personalities of candidates, making the process more personal to each potential hire.

No matter what specific area you may be struggling with or could use assistance in, there is a productivity tool out there designed for your needs. Recruiters can benefit greatly from using each of these types of software to help gain the best hires for their companies.