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There is a constant flow of change and new trends that are released each year, and it’s essential for companies, primarily within recruitment, to stay on top of these new strategies. Staying informed helps to create a recruitment process that will gain the top talent for the positions you are recruiting for. In order to stay ahead of the curve, let’s review some of the top recruitment trends for 2019.

Social Media
Recruitment through social media is a strategy that has become very popular over the past few years. Within social recruiting, you can utilize so many different outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. Through these profiles, you can post and advertise the positions you are recruiting for, search for potential candidates and create relationships with people in order to attract top talent.

Automation Tools
In the age of technology and AI, it’s no wonder there are so many automation tools that have been created specifically for recruitment. Tools such as this help to cut the time out of the recruitment process in order to generate a wide range of potential candidates. This also provides recruiters with more time to foster a relationship with candidates, creating more personal time candidate while the tool streamlines overall recruitment process. Streamlining recruitment with automation tools will also move the process at a much faster pace to fill open positions.

Candidate Experience
Candidate experience is a trend that needs to be incorporated into any company or recruiters hiring process. A candidate’s experience during the hiring process is essential in figuring out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. If they had a positive experience, they are more likely to accept a position, apply in the future, and refer others. If the experience was negative, it could end up costing you not just candidates, but also money. It is imperative to adopt this trend into your recruitment strategy in order to create the best hiring process and strategy possible.

Staying up to date on the top recruitment strategies is vital in order to ensure the best recruiting process. If you don’t pay attention to the experiences of your candidates, it can make or break your company’s reputation and turn away future candidates. The 2019 recruitment trends are strategies that have started making their way into the recruitment process over the past few years, due to the ever-changing market of potential candidates.