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Every organization in the corporate world at some point requires to hire new employees, either to replace those who have quit or to increase the labor force in the company. However, the process of recruitment determines the kind of talent and expertise that the organization is likely to hire. Every company should have in place a fully functioning recruitment funnel that ensures that potential candidates are continually applying for open positions in the organization. Failure to have an efficient recruitment funnel will discourage some of the applicant, who could probably be the best fit for the open positions in the company.

Optimization of the funnel
When designing a recruitment funnel, the employer or the company should prioritize the user experience. This is the only way that they are likely to attract the appropriate talent and expertise without missing an inch. For instance, if a company provides an online platform for potential candidates to apply for the available positions, they should ensure that the portals and the application sites are as efficient as possible to ensure that the applicant has a smooth application process. Long application forms and Slow-loading pages often turn the applicants off and may drive them away.

Generally, the job seekers are characterized by hurry; they are always in a rush. Therefore, whenever they get into the company’s site to view the available positions, they are often interested in knowing some specifics of the job description such as the required level of qualification, the ease of application, and other personal and financial interests that may clarify how much that they could earn in case they joined the organization. Being precise in answering these worries of candidates in the application funnel facilitates a smooth candidates’ flow and may increase the chances of the recruitment funnel getting the right candidates for the open positions.

Effective planning of a recruitment funnel
Whenever a company is setting up an application funnel, there are several factors that they should keep in mind regarding the job seekers. One of the factors is accessibility. The employer should ensure that the job seekers can access the application portal using their smartphones, hence providing a constant flow of applications through the funnel. The company should also ensure a logical flow of information, starting with the highest priority to ensure that the applicants do not drop out of the application process before they fill in the information that is fundamental to the recruitment process.