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The hiring process can be an extensive and complicated one. Fortunately, this is not the way it has to be. Many companies come into hiring with certain expectations that veer immensely from the actual reality. It’s important to understand each aspect of your process, do your research, and reset expectations. This will be essential to making sure recruitment runs as smooth as possible. This will create a great candidate experience, which is what all companies should be striving for.

Sometimes companies hire a recruiter and sometimes they do not. When recruiters are involved in the hiring process, they are able to show HR and higher-ups what the reality is of the jobs they are hiring for. One of the big skewed expectations is salary. Although a company may have their standards for what they believe a specific position’s salary is supposed to be, this could be very different from what the national average currently is. When candidates do their research on jobs and salary requirements, they are fully aware of what a specific position should be making, along with their own worth. This can severely damage a company’s hiring reputation and is a crucial step in the hiring process.

Another expectation many companies have is the aspect of power in the hiring process. This is very untrue as a candidate is the one with the power. There are many applicants who will want to submit their applications for vacant positions, but this does not mean they are the ones you will want to hire. The top candidates will be the ones holding the reins during recruitment and catering to their needs will be crucial to gain those hires.

This brings us to the notion that candidates also have their own expectations for a company’s hiring process. More often than not, this is not a candidate’s first time going through recruitment. They are aware of what they like and dislike during this process and will expect all companies to adhere to these same recruiting styles. If your expectations outweigh the realities of your candidates, it can create a misstep in the hiring process and prevent future candidates from applying.

The primary goal is to research and reset expectations. Figure out the hiring process before it begins and make sure to have everything in line to create a great experience and gain top candidates for your company.