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College students graduating from their respective universities have one thing on their mind, their first full-time job. Most looking to break out into their industry of choice, or really any industry willing to hire them in order to gain real-life experience. But are these the students you necessarily look for to recruit for your company? Students ready to apply and jump the gun at any full-time offer? What we want to ensure, is a process for sifting through and searching for the most qualified candidates in a sea of applications, finding the go-getters, self-starters and motivated recent college graduates.

Recruitment at Local and National Colleges
A great way to recruit for open positions is establishing a presence at college campuses. Bringing marketing materials in information, along with in-person recruiters, is a way to reach out to qualified students interested in doing more research for their career after graduation. Having a recruiter at a table is a way for students to ask more questions, as well as the recruiter, in order to asses the student’s drive and capabilities. A great question to remember is, are they right for your company.

Social Media Posts
In our current world filled with ever-changing technology, it is important for recruitment companies to join the digital age of connection and social media engagement. Engaging with students on social media creates a way for them to visually see the potential in joining your company and what they will get out of applying for a position. It’s an in your face way to gain a following of top-notch recent graduates looking to break into a career.

Seeing Potential Instead of Experience
Students just graduating from college will not come into the workforce with an extensive amount of experience. At this point, the most they will have could be a possible internship or two within their field of study, as well as any jobs they worked before school or during school. This isn’t a huge problem to dwell on for the fact that students will need a starting place in order to start gaining experience. The best way to figure out a student’s potential is by asking questions about what experience from school, previous positions, etc. to the job at hand. This will help to make a decision and see how well they could apply current knowledge to the position.

Finding those top-notch college graduate students doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Setting expectations for the company and position help to prepare the student for what exactly the job and company entails. Discussing a more in depth description of the job, hours, office environment, etc. will help prepare them and yourself to make the most knowledgeable decision.