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It’s hard to believe how much the world has changed in the last ten years. People are more connected than ever, not just with each other, but in media, advertising, and businesses. With the click of a button, you can see everything there is to know about an organization, company, or restaurant.

This goes for recruiters as well. As a recruiter, you no longer have to meet someone in person to begin evaluating them. You can simply bring up their social media accounts, text message, or video chat with them to get an accurate representation of their character type.

There are other ways modern technology can assist with the hiring process. Keep reading to find out how recruiters should be using technology to their advantage.

Artificial Intelligence
We aren’t talking robots here, at least not in the traditional way. Artificial intelligence scripts can make the review process significantly less time-consuming. AI scripts, or bots, can review cover letters and resumes on their own, sorting through the bad and good candidates. As a recruiter, you no longer have to read through resumes from people who have no business applying for the position; the artificial intelligence is designed to weed out the bad applicants.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of designing a particular web page to appear high on search pages. This is accomplished by using the right keywords in the correct way.

SEO enables your job listings to be at the forefront of search engines. There are so many scams on the internet. You don’t want your legit job listing to be grouped with questionable material. Hiring a professional SEO specialist is a way to ensure that your web page appears high in Google’s search results.

Backend SEO is also an option. This is when a professional archives your website correctly. Google prefers websites that are put together professionally, often alienating site’s that are difficult to skim through for their systems.

Use your Imagination
There are other ways to use technology to your advantage as a recruiter. Use your imagination, think of something unique, and use social media and the internet to your advantage in your own distinct ways. You’ll be surprised by the efficiency of this unorthodox approach to recruiting.