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Recent trends indicate that most of the companies around the world have new job openings. This trend can be attributed to the promising economic conditions that have been recorded since the beginning of the year. Therefore, getting an employee to work in the hospitality industry is hard due to the working conditions in this sector. Here are some of the strategies that a hotel can incorporate to improve its recruitment.

Flexible Working Schedule
Most of the job seekers in the United States, which is the same in other developed countries, want to work in a flexible schedule. They do not want to be fixed at the workplace from early in the morning up to late in the evening. A recruitment manager can formulate a schedule where some workers can perform their duties in the morning hours while others operate in the evening. This means that the employees will only be required at the work premises for half of the day.

Career Growth Opportunities
It is obvious that a large number of people working in the hospitality industry have career goals. Some of them want to occupy leadership positions at a particular period in their career. Hospitality entities should promote from within. This will attract some of the employees who have been pursuing employment opportunities in other industries where they have a perception that they will get career growth.

Provide Competitive Salaries
Besides providing the minimum wage as required by the federal or State regulations, recruitment managers in the hotel industry should provide additional benefits with the aim of attracting and retaining new employees. This can be done by increasing allowances or adding other attractive packs such as paid leaves and annual holidays. This strategy will attract talented employees to the industry and enhance its efficiency.

Involving Others
Recruitment managers perform the role of attracting, selecting, and hiring hospitality workers without involving others. This strategy is not the best as it ignores the insight and input of other influential employees in the company. Hotels should consider incorporating other individuals such as company manager, finance manager or even another employee as this will create a conducive employment procedure that addresses the needs of the company and those of the worker. However, the strategy has been proved to be quite effective.