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Employee engagement plays an important role in workforce attrition and retention. In a competitive job market, businesses have to make sure their employees feel a sense of belonging. Human resources (HR) departments across industries are experimenting with various technology solutions. Here are some ways HR technology is helping businesses increase employee engagement.

Transparent Career Mobility
Companies are using HR technologies to help employees set up attainable career goals. Employees are using career path applications to establish expectations with their managers. The transparency is helping them work with a sense of purpose. They are feeling more in control of their career mobility.

Better Performance Management
Businesses are combining career goal setting applications with performance management software. So employees are getting regular feedback. It’s helping them improve their work and they feel more engaged in their jobs.

Improved Training
HR technologies are allowing companies to monitor their workers and provide customized training programs. Employees are getting the appropriate skills and education they need to make career progress. Also, latest technologies like video and interactive programs are making training more cost-effective.

Real-time Rewards and Recognition
Companies are using HR technology solutions to recognize high-performers through dashboards and leaderboards. Organizations are experimenting with cash and token prizes. So employees are feeling more appreciated which is resulting in more loyal employees.

Effective Communication Channels
HR departments are promoting new tools for internal communication in companies. Messaging solutions, discussion boards, newsletters, and intranet applications are helping employees and managers engage more effectively. Better communication is leading to engaged teams that are producing higher quality results.

HR Data Analytics
Nowadays big data and analytics is a crucial part of customer acquisition and retention. HR departments are using the same ideas to hire and retain talent. They are also using data analytics to predict performance. The results are helping HR mitigate risks.

Provide Better Work-Life Balance
According to the Harvard Business Review, burned out employees can cost $125 billion to $190 billion in healthcare spending. So HR departments are giving employees opportunities to use modern communication channels and other resources to enjoy flexible schedules. The flexibility is helping workers avoid burnouts and make high-value contributions.

A great HR technology solution can boost employee morale and inspire productivity. Engaged employees are more likely to help businesses take innovative leaps. That’s why companies across the world are paying attention to their HR technology stack.