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Though the practices of recruiters are varied, there are certain methods that make the overall recruiting process easier. From using apps and tech to speed through the process, to sourcing candidates via social media and other databases, recruiters have a variety of ways to point them to the best talent. Some of these stellar recruitment practices include:

Thinking Before Searching
With access to the Internet, recruiters can use whatever keywords they need to find the perfect candidate. However, far too many recruiters start their search off on the wrong foot by using inaccurate keywords. This is why it’s important for sources to put together a search strategy that will help them find more relevant candidates more effectively.

By spending a fair amount of time on the front-end of the recruitment process, recruiters will be able to find better candidates that fit their hiring profile. It’s ideal for sources to spend up to 20 minutes researching what to look for in a search. While recruiters will have to do multiple searches with multiple variations of different keywords, a well thought-out search will always fare better than a search preceded by little to no research.

Not Overanalyzing Resumes
Resumes will rarely ever be perfect. Recruiters hoping to find the right candidate should allow some room for leeway when reviewing resumes. As most of these candidates won’t be professional resume writers, recruiters should take a resume at face value.

When looking through resumes, recruiters should keep in mind that some candidates may have forgotten to include some of their experience and certain positive professional qualities. For this reason, it is important to reserve judgment and any final decision making until a candidate has interviewed.

Avoiding Generic Searches
Generic searches breed generic results. When recruiters make the mistake of running a basic search, they won’t find the hidden talent that they are searching for. To prevent this, it is important for recruiters to avoiding searching solely based on title and skill or tech terms. When creating Boolean search strings, it’s best to go beyond industry-specific jargon by using terms that focus on qualities and professional responsibilities like “create, reconcile, design, manage, administer”, etc.

Finding the right candidate isn’t easy. Recruiters hoping to up the ante and source the most qualified talent to fill their positions should put these three strategies into practice during the recruiting process.