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For a company, most believe the hiring process is a constant “first impression” for potential hires. Although a business is not required, by any means, to give an applicant a reason for not hiring them for a position, within recruiting, it could be a best practice in order to continue credibility among future applicants. Giving bad news is never an easy task and something most companies try to stray away from, but it could be hurting the quality of applicants more than you think.

Delivering difficult information can be a looming burden for anyone. One of the main problems with contact and correspondence in companies is how impersonal it can be and in most cases, not happen at all. A fair amount of businesses will use scripts when it comes to speaking with clients and hiring employees.

A way around this detached form of contact is to level with the candidate and be as professional as you can without using an automated email message or script. Personalize it, give the candidate a chance to reach out and ask why.

With a large number of applicants continuously growing, some businesses will forego any type of rejection call or email. Each applicant deserves to hear from the company that they were no longer being considered for the position. In a lot of instances, this could hurt the company’s reputation and steer future candidates away.

Along with personal contact, comes the possibility of the candidate becoming difficult or aggressive. Some can and will surely let their emotions fly and it is the job of the recruiter, manager, or whoever may be in charge, to remain calm and empathetic, without engaging in confrontation.

Anyone applying for a job puts in a great deal of time. It starts at the beginning of the application process and material submission, to the first, second and third possible interviews. Completely disregarding the candidates time, effort and feelings will only hurt your business in the long term.

Word can spread very quickly when it comes to candidate experience during the hiring process. Positive hiring practices are a great way to continue growth, top candidates applications and a desire of employment. After all, word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising. It is important to make sure your company takes another look at their process to help ensure future applicants and an overall enjoyable partial involvement and impression of the company.