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The trends within hospitality are similar to the recruitment strategies in many other industries. New technology is continuously evolving different platforms for streamlining the hiring process and creates easy ways to recruit and fill jobs at a much faster pace. This is very important within hospitality recruitment because there is such a need to hire candidates quickly.

Due to the rise in popularity of AirBnB’s and other chains, it’s important for hotels to do what they can to compete and be successful. Since the process of recruitment can be a very time consuming one in hospitality, it’s essential to incorporate the new trends and stay on top of what’s new. This includes new ways to keep employees in positions longer and gaining the candidates with the right skills needed to perform the job itself when it comes to managerial roles.

One of the biggest ongoing struggles in hospitality is retaining employees once they’ve been hired. This is something that starts right at the recruitment level. Candidates want to know what is expected of them, what their goals will be in a position, and how they will flourish and grow in the company. Creating job descriptions that are more detailed will help to iron out the candidate questions and unknowns in order to keep them in a position for a more extended period.

In order to create a quicker recruitment process within the hospitality industry, hiring managers need to utilize new recruitment tools that help to streamline the process. Using social sites makes it easier to advertise open positions, find potential candidates, and connect with them. Tools and different software has been created specifically for recruiting in order to speed up the process and cut the search time in half.

A great way hiring managers can start to think outside the box is by utilizing video screening and incorporating this recruiting strategy into their process. With the turnover rate in hospitality, it’s important to get creative in streamlining recruitment without sacrificing on talent and quality of candidates. Conducting interviews using video chat or skype will save time and free up schedules of both candidates and hiring managers. Another great way to save time and energy is by using a video resume which gives the hiring managers an opportunity to get to know their potential candidates in a more personal way.

Recruitment within the hospitality industry can improve significantly by incorporating these few strategies in their hiring process, from start to finish. The digital age of media and economic trends is going to continue to impact recruitment at all levels, so it is essential to stay on top of these updated strategies.