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About StartMonday

StartmondayStartMonday is changing the way that candidates connect with employers through the application of innovative technology to the recruitment process. One of the most tedious aspects of recruitment is the pre-selection process—especially for large organizations that collect hundreds of applications when a position opens. In addition to being time-consuming, the information gained from sifting through hundreds of resumes doesn’t always give employers the best idea of who the candidate really is. StartMonday’s goal is to change the recruitment process—making it more exciting for both candidates and employers.

The company’s core product is a video service that gives candidates the ability to showcase their creativity and personality in 15 seconds or less. Candidates can create the videos from any web browser, either on their computer or their phone. The video service reduces the time that employers have to spend pre-selecting applicants. Plus, it helps update the recruitment process for the twenty-first century.  StartMonday is dedicated to building powerful tools for the Mobile Generation and is further developing its technology with an open blockchain solution for verifiable career histories called CareerChain.

StartMonday graduated from Startupbootcamp in 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Startupbootcamp provides new companies with access to a global network of programs, mentors, and partners that help them scale and gain the assistance they need. Since graduating from the program, the company continued to serve customers including Uber, RTL, and citizenM hotels

In October 2016, the company achieved a public stock listing on the CSE in Canada, and is now listed in the US and Germany, too (CSE: JOB) (OTC: STMDF) (FRANKFURT: JOB). In November 2016, StartMonday won the Computable Awards “Startup of the year” award.  In 2017, the client base has been expanding thanks to a Europe-wide deal with Intercontinental Hotel Group to support their European franchise hotels. Today, the company is selling its services actively in Europe and North America.

One aspect that helps separate StartMonday from competing services is its leadership team. Co-founder and CEO Ray Gibson comes from a Human Resources and recruiting background spanning almost 20 years while co-founder and CPO Andrew Evans was on the founding team of Over the course of their careers, the founders have seen recruitment from every angle, so they personally understand the frustration that comes from trying to guess who is a great candidate from just a CV.

In addition to its video technology, StartMonday has also developed a full applicant tracking system that employers can access to manage their brands, jobs, and candidates efficiently. The company has found that its system is especially relevant to the hotel and hospitality industry with customer-facing jobs and a high turnover of staff each year. Continual innovation and improvement is key to the success of the organization. In the future, the company plans to apply its blockchain solutions to the job market since there is so much potential in the technology.

Each decision that Ray Gibson and his team make is informed by knowledge of the industry and by taking a look at the appropriate data. This approach has helped the company find success, and it will continue to guide the organization in the future.

To learn more about the company and its latest news, visit the official site here.

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